Friday, March 23, 2012

What's in a Name?

Photo courtesy of The Sartorialist
 I have been blogging for over two years and I can still remember my first post (a homemade dessert, photo courtesy: my blackberry). This got me thinking of the meaning behind "Cafe la Femme." The name was not meant to be grammatically correct or pretentiously witty...instead something that sums up what I represent. Inspired by everything French (from the clothes to the food and wine), I chose two words that describe the average reader of my blog. Ever see a french woman at a cafe? Easy going, chic and all the while, confident. It's here in my little domain that I share style tips, food cravings, everyday must-haves and occasional words of wisdom. All things pour cafe la femme.  xo

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  1. I treasure my four o"clock tea time and make sure I wait to read your blog during this quiet time in the helps me be present in my life and reminds me how a moment in time can be just as special as a day off of work!! Thank you, for your blog!!