Tuesday, March 13, 2012

The New Mrs.

Photos courtesy of New York Times
They might cook and clean, but they are far from housewives. In the tired town of Water Valley, Mississippi, four lovely young women have come together to reinvent and rebuild the main drag. The results: a charming marketplace/cafe, a farmer's market, a vintage inspired gallery and three rejuvenated homes. Once a town filled with 18 empty store fronts, Water Valley is now the home of only 6 empty store fronts and a new wave of personality. While their music men are on tour, these determined ladies are keeping busy, in style. I can't help but love their vision... carry on! Read the entire article here: "They Made Main Street Their Own" xo

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  1. Thanks for your research on these ambitious and creative women!! I embrace this kind of news, it gives me great hope for the future generation!!