Saturday, September 8, 2012

Table Time Soiree

Photo courtesy of Design Blossom
Photo courtesy of So Lead Us There
 When I moved to the eccentric city of Portland, I did not think I would be taking the California weather with me. I was mentally prepared for cloudy and rainy. But instead it has been in the 80s and, gasp... 90s and I'm embracing it with pleasure. Walking around outside bare foot in a sun dress at 9 pm has me yearning to throw a dinner party. Imagine a long wooden table, adorned with candles, hanging lights, blossoming flowers, great food and wine and of course, great company. xo


  1. Love!!! Hope you're settling in nicely up in Oregon :) Miss you

  2. this is gorgeous. I love all the flowers and lights! great inspiration for a outdoor party of your own.


  3. Love the color choices when I looked up the lanterns online...Thanks!!