Sunday, January 15, 2012

Mad about Burgers

Umami Burger with port and stilton, Umami in Los Angeles
Peppercorn Burger with charred onion and watercress, The Grind in Arizona
Framed Burger with mushrooms and jalapeno peppers, Ranch 616 in Texas
 I don't know if it's the gloomy weather with a hint of humidity, but something has put me in the mood for a really good burger. This classic comfort food satisfies hunger and is a great way to try something new. I'm a big fan of the unusual burger made with fresh ingredients. Whether it's paired with port, oozing with glazed juices or stuffed with peppers and cheeses, I'm all aboard. Check out these top hamburger picks from around the US. I'm tempted to try the Umami Burger for tonight's dinner...What's your favorite? xo

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  1. Umamai? I'm down. Actually, could you send this post to Firestone?