Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Do Your Body Good

Breakfast: Yogurt with Oranges and Pomegranate seeds
Lunch: Bean and Spinach salad with Tuna and Walnut oil

Lunch: Lentils with Butter Lettuce salad
Dinner: Pumpkin Shrimp Curry
Dessert: Chocolate Bark with Grapes
 Photos courtesy of Bon Appetit
Even though the holidays are long gone, I find my body craving a cleanse every once in awhile (see burger post). Luckily Bon Appetit has created the 2012 Food Lover's Cleanse. In each meal you get the flavors you want, plus the protein your body needs. Not only does each meal have thoughtful ingredients, but the whole cleanse is left-over savvy (for all those money savers like moi). Above are some of my favorite dishes...the pumpkin shrimp curry dish is a must! xo


  1. I need to make that pumpkin shrimp curry asap. Going to the grocery store post-class to pick up the ingredients!! XO

  2. I agree with Samantha.....I love curry spice to begin with....never thought of using it with pumpkins!! What time is dinner Samantha?
    I might start with dessert the chocolate bark with grapes