Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Once lost, Now found

My Etsy hammer stacked rings
Other rings I love!
After losing my favorite ring that I had purchased in a cute jewelry shop in Paris, I was bummed (to say the least). I began scouring the internet for a look-alike, only to find rings that were only slightly similar. I finally decided to put the past behind me and search for something I really liked. I fell upon these set of three rose-gold-silver hammered stack rings and loved them instantly. They are great stacked, and equally great worn alone! I now wear them everyday, every which way and only sometimes think about my Paris ring. xo


  1. Returning to Paris in the future...is definitely an option....never stop dreaming...or ring shopping!!

  2. Ok - I copied you. I've been searching for rose gold stack rings for FOREVER! Just purchased a set of 9 rose gold stack rings from Mary John - thank you for the rec! Can't wait to get them in the mail

  3. awesome! she is super quick and really sweet... you will love them! i wear mine everyday xo