Thursday, January 6, 2011

Getting Warmer...

As I get ready for my vacation to Boulder, I've realized I'm in desperate need of a warm down jacket. Currently running at a low of 27 degrees, the temperatures are sure to be quite nippy. After plenty of research on both the Patagonia and North Face websites, I have narrowed my choices down to three jackets. The one from Patagonia is pleasing to the eye, but not so much to the wallet. While the two North Face jackets are in favor of my wallet, but I'm not so sure they will fit as nicely. Readers, any advice? xo


  1. Love the red patagonia - even though it's pricier, I'm sure you'll have it forever!! cheers

  2. After reading the reviews..I vote for goji berry patagonia...understand the review in regards to the hood...but maybe if you don't live in boulder weather you won't use the hood all the time....3 cheers for Goji-patagonia!!! ooo