Monday, August 23, 2010

A Sign of The Times

Barack Obama and Hilary Clinton, March 19, 2010
Lady Gaga, Feb 1, 2010
Photos courtesy of Lauren DiCioccio
Every morning before my Intro to Journalism class, I would read the New York Times. What a great habit that was. The front cover of The Times has become an iconic image that brings me joy just looking at it. I'm pretty sure it brings artist Lauren DiCioccio joy as well. She takes specific issues of The Times and encases them in hand-embroidered cotton muslin. She then selects an image, usually evoking power, leadership or communication, and embroiders the image onto fabric. This idea came from seeing media evolve away from print and into TV and internet. Her response was to describe the beauty and ritual of newspaper-reading as a nostalgic and old fashioned object. Not only do I agree with her, but I find her works of art quite inspirational.

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