Thursday, July 8, 2010

Ring around the rosy

Bow Tie ring by Becca Bobs
Rutilated Quartz ring by Kate Szabone
Hydrangea Blossom Flower ring by Patrick Irla Jewelry
18k Yellow Gold Heart atop a sterling silver
ring by Chris Parry
Lust for Life by Artisan Look
Photos courtesy of Oh Hello Friend
I have always been a huge jewelry fan. To this day I can remember the first Tiffany's bracelet my godmother gave me for my 15th birthday. (She has kept spoiling me since, and for that I feel bad for my future husband.) While I love Tiffany's, I have grown into a hunter of more unique, more affordable finds. Recently I've been digging the long, layered necklaces and chunky rings. But often times I find myself going back to the simple, elegant look. I spotted these classy creations on a favorite blog of mine, oh hello friend. She featured them as wedding rings, but who needs a wedding to buy these fabulous rings?